3 Reasons why Lee Chong Wei lost to Lin Dan

  1. Lee Chong Wei applied the wrong tactics in his game against Lin Dan. Lee Chong Wei should have gone for the attack from the start!
  2. Lee Chong Wei was mentally unprepared; he failed to realize that his game against Lin Dan was the Final of the Olympics Men’s Singles Badminton event!
  3. Lee Chong Wei made too many unforced errors much to the delight of Lin Dan!


BAM should get a better coach for Lee Chong Wei. Get a new coach that can turn Lee Chong Wei into a merciless killing machine that will go for the kill at the slightest chance. No more stupid strokes and fancy badminton skills not only for Lee Chong Wei but also for the rest of our Malaysian badminton players!

Lin Dan

The end of the road for Perak Football Association

It is the end of the road for Perak Football Association in the 2007-2008 Malaysian football season.

Perak football team had been kicked in the butt in the 2007-2008 Malaysian Super League and FA Cup football competitions. Yesterday night, Kedah gave Perak another good kick in the butt and sent Perak bundling out of the 2008 Malaysia Cup football competition.

See, I already told you Perak football fans that Perak has no hope of winning the 2008 Malaysia Cup. I was right!

This is my tribute to the fallen bosses and administrators of Perak Football Association. This is my 21 Gun Salute for you guys!

As for our Perak football players, you guys have given your best. Walk talk and tell everyone that Perak failed to capture honors and win Cups because of poor management. Wash your hands and point fingers to your bosses and administrators!

Don’t waste your hard earned cash on Perak Football Association

Yes, I’m back once again but only temporarily. I’m on a short break right now, giving me the chance to do some snooping and find out what the f*ck is wrong with Perak Football Association.

I will have more on Perak Football Association’s problems in the next coming days. For the time being; let’s talk about money. Apparently money is the number one problem plaguing Perak Football Association right now. Of course, the whole country now knows that Perak Football Association is in deep financial shit.

I must say here today that I was really surprised to hear the news about Perak Football Association’s financial problem a few months back! The great and all mighty Perak Football Association in a financial crisis!?

Sounds hard to believe but it is true!

Too bad I could not seek more information about it then. I was stuck with my freelancing job and stationed somewhere outside the country. I could only read all about it from the news.

Now that I’m back in Perak, I got a better picture of what is really going on with Perak Football Association. But let’s talk about it some other time. Let’s talk about those thinking of setting up funds to help Perak Football Association in their dire needs.

Come on Perak football fans. What the f*ck for!?

I would like to remind Perak football fans that Perak Football Association is an association, not a f*cking football club. Football clubs are different. Football club members can enjoy lots of benefits, even lets you buy club shares!

Do you have any shares in Perak Football Association?

Of course not, because Perak Football Association is not a f*cking football club! You have nothing to gain from Perak Football Association.

Don’t be BODOH YOB BODOH, Perak football fans. Perak Football Association’s financial problem is not your problem. It is their f*cking problem. Let them find money on their own.

If Perak Football Association cannot solve their financial problem on their own, those given the responsibility to manage the administration of the association should resign and let others more capable do their jobs!


MLS All-Stars beat West Ham & David Beckham is their hero

It was a very close match but MLS All-Stars managed to beat West Ham in the end. David Beckham in his first MLS All-Star game did not score any goals but his contributions were praised all over by American sports media. I have a news clip showing just that down below. Good for you, Beckham!

By the way, my internet-savvy cousin told me to try out Twitter and I have placed a Twitter badge on my blog. I’m still trying to figure out what Twitter is really all about but so far I find it pretty cool. Great for networking!

Peter Shilton says that Beckham cannot do it

If there is one thing I don’t like about English soccer, it would be their pompous and arrogant former soccer stars such as Peter Shilton who recently said that David Beckham simply could not do it.

Could not do what? Bending the ball like he used to?

No! No! Peter Shilton said that David Beckham would not be able to beat his record 125 caps for England, just 23 more than David Beckham’s current caps.

Come on Shilton, give your fellow Englishman some support, will ya! David Beckham is an exemplary soccer player, so let him finish his career with a little bang. He has done much for England and he deserves some credit. Besides, we’re all sick and tired of your stinking record, Peter Shilton!

Bwah! Ha! Ha!

Cristiano Ronaldo caught shopping in Los Angeles!

Ha! Ha! I have a stupid video for fans of Manchester United’s pretty boy Cristiano Ronaldo. He was caught red handed on video, shopping for who-knows-what (girls perhaps!) in Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles!